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Claims Instructional Video

Vanessa Lindell Portfolio / Claims Instructional Video

About The Project

This is one of 4 animated videos I created for The Hartford to improve their customer experience when filing an auto claim. The primary goal of the video is to guide customers step-by-step through the claim process to ensure they know what to expect and have the best possible outcome. The secondary goal was to reduce call center volume from customers needing repeated assistance with their claims.
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My Approach

The claim process was divided into 4 videos - Claims Made Easy, Your Adjuster, Rental Vehicles and Repair Shops. During our brainstorming sessions, I sketched out storyboards and worked one on one with a copywriter to align animations with the script. For the audio, I engaged our video production team to record and produce the voice-over narration. Once storyboards were complete, I began building the graphics and animating each screen with After Effects.

Competitor Research, Personas, Process Flow


Brainstorm visual ideas and blend in preliminary copy, establish key frames

Visual Design & Content

Create visual assets and create rough keyframes, collaborate with content writer to marry up narrations to keyframes

Audio & Animation

Script is recorded and animation development begins

Encoding & Hosting

Encoding and final reviews, Host final videos on streaming platform, provide embed links

Tool Set

These are the software applications I used to create the videos. I refined the storyboards and customized the vector graphics with Photoshop and Illustrator. For the audio narrations, I used Audacity to separate the narrated clips. The majority of my time was spent animating the scenes and transitions in After Effects. For the video encoding I used Sorenson Squeeze. Finally, I hosted the videos on our Limelight streaming platform for theharford.com and the Customer Service Center site to link to.
After Effects
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Here are six refined storyboards. These come after the pencil sketches and are often used for reviews and testing. As the lead UX and visual designer, I worked with the claims team to rough out the script and brainstorm the animated visuals that would appear on each screen. These storyboards were sent around the claims team for feedback and I made adjustments and modifications to obtain final approval.
storyboard 1a
storyboard 2a
storyboard 3a
storyboard 4a
storyboard 5a
storyboard 6a
storyboard 7
storyboard 8
storyboard 9

Final Video

Thanks for watching!