Hello! I’m
Vanessa Lindell,
I'm an experience designer with an education in graphic design communication. Along with being a UX/UI designer for over 15 years, I’m an advocate for products and services that resonate with users, exceed their expectations, and leave a lasting positive impression.
Quoting App

Redesign of The Hartford's insurance quoting app for Auto and Homeowners.

Claims Video

Animated video for The Hartford to improve customer experience when filing an auto claim.


High-level view of the UX/UI and visual elements from redesigns and enhancements on thehartford.com.

About Me
Hi! I am a UX/UI designer, a problem-solver, and a person who cares about making a meaningful impact on people's experiences through good design.

I've always had a love for fixing, building and creating new things, from childhood drawings and DIY projects to my passion for taking on challenges and solving them through design.

My fascination with digital design took root in college, where I honed my graphic design skills using Illustrator and Photoshop and learning HTML. As a fledgling web designer, I pursued another passion of mine, UX design, to create better websites that support human behavior and emotions, fostering empathy and helping to solve real user goals.

During my career, I've learned valuable skills like empathetic communication, problem-solving, and user feedback analysis. These abilities are directly applicable in understanding and addressing user needs, conducting effective research, and making user-centered design decisions. With placing the person at the center of design, these methodologies will deliver the right experience for the intended audience.

For me, UX/UI design is the perfect fit. It’s a blend of visual design, psychology, research, and solving customer problems. I’m passionate about what I do - and I’m good at it.

Continuously immersed in the UX world, I'm eager to learn and connect. If you're interested in discussing job opportunities or simply want to chat, don't hesitate to reach out via email or LinkedIn!

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